2018 Vendors

Pins Mechanical

2018's PIncinnati presentour.

Craft cocktails served in an industrial space with duckpin bowling, pinball & other classic games

Rusty Shackles

Rusty Shackles Home Page

Rusty Shackles is an illustrator currently residing in Dayton Ohio. He is best known as the most frequent Hardcore Gaming 101 cover illustrator, as well as his retro gaming arts created for his sites Paletteswap and InsertQuarterBin. A veteran of ComicsAlliance, 1up, GameSpy, Oni Press, Antarctic Press, MonkeyBrain as well as artwork created for numerous Nerdcore music acts.

Tilt Amusements

Tilt Amusement's Homepage

Tilt Amusements is a full-service pinball and coin-op sales and maintenance business owned and operated by piball enthusiasts.

Trophy Awards

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VP Cabs

VP Cabs' Home Page

As seen on the Television show 'Shark Tank', VP Cab's custom machines allow you to play hundreds of vintage games all in one system.

"Vintage Gamers"

We have vintage video games, handheld games and gaming memorabilia from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Atarti Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox and Gameboy.